Better Lighting Comes with Bigger Prices

(photo from @cecil.lbz)

Better Lighting Comes with Bigger Prices

Are you searching for lighting and finding too many options? Are you comparing prices to find the best value? Some of the best lighting you can buy will not come cheap.


You may find a light priced lower than what you will see on our website. We price for quality - - value. Sparksmith offers free warranties on our products. We pride ourselves on customer service to make sure your project flows smoothly from purchase through installation. 


Our lights help you see in rain, snow, dark and wherever your adventure takes you. We have done our research and our experts know how to source the quality items that go into our kits. 


If you’ve started along this journey, you have probably already noticed that you have several options.  Many lighting options exist for each make and model.  We can help you find the perfect lights for your vehicle. Our most popular products are universal grille bars. These accessories can go pretty much anywhere on any vehicle with access to wiring. We try to make installation easy with our plug and play harnesses and installation kits. 


The goal for our customers is to see and be seen. We are a hands-on team determined to provide the best service and choices for you! We offer LED lighting, headlights, RGB lights, Under glow, Strips, and more. Want to know more? Stay connected with us through our SMS messaging and email alerts. Being part of our exclusive club, you can get limited time deals, be the first to know product releases and more! For more information or questions about our lighting, please reach out to and we will be happy to help!


Don't forget to see and be seen!