Sparksmith Referral System

Here at Sparksmith, like any company, we appreciate the people that support us. In an effort to thank the loyal customers of sparksmith.com, we have created a referral system that provides an incentive for.. YOU! Our only stipulation is that you purchase or have purchased something from our website,sparksmith.com. There is no minimum purchase, just a purchase.

So here's how it works..

Customer A (you) buys something and requests to become part of our referral program. This can be done simply by including a "note to the seller" when you check out. At this point, we will email you with a code that that is specific to you, and then you SPREAD THE WORD and the CODE.

When Customer B, your friend/person you gave the code to, enters the code in the discount box they will receive a 10% discount and you will receive your incentive. Your incentive will either come as cash back or a store credit; your choice. If you choose to receive your incentive in the form of cash back, you will be mailed a check for 5% of Customer's B total purchase. If you opt for the store credit, you will receive a 10% store credit coupon to be used at your convenience.