Individual Sponsorship Policy

SPARKSMITH, LLC Sponsorship Policy

Individual Sponsorship Guidelines

Sparksmith Sponsorship Categories

 To qualify for the Sparksmith Sponsorship Program, a vehicle must fall into one of the two categories listed below and meet the relevant category requirements:

1. Competition Vehicle: The sponsored vehicle should have a confirmed racing schedule for the current or upcoming season with a calendar of events. The owner/driver should have well documented racing credentials.

2. Show Vehicle: The sponsored vehicle should have a calendar of confirmed show appearances and/or a scheduled editorial feature in at least one automotive publication. The owner/builder should have a well-documented history of show wins and exposure for the current or past show car.

Sponsorship Levels
Level 1: Minimum Decal Size: 10in Minimum Decal Qty: 2 Product Discount: 40% Preferred Application Areas: Side windows, front guard, doors, rear wing
Level 2: Minimum Decal Size: 10in Minimum Decal Qty: 4 Product Discount: 50% Preferred Application Areas: Side windows, front guard, side skirt, doors, rear wing
Level 3: Minimum Decal Size: One Window banner and 10in decals Minimum Decal Qty: 3 Product Discount: Discretionary Preferred Application Area: Front/back windshield or full side, and side windows

Sparksmith Sponsorship Approval Process

Each Sponsorship Proposal is considered separately and approved or rejected based on its merits and sponsorship availability. The more detail you are able to provide, the better decision we will be able to make regarding your specific application. Long-term sponsorships can be reviewed on an annual basis and can be renewed or terminated on the basis of performance/exposure of the sponsored vehicle.

Sparksmith Sponsorship Conditions

As part of the Sponsorship Contract, the owner agrees to place the Sparksmith decal on the sponsored vehicle. The location and size of the decals will depend on the level of sponsorship. The Sponsorship Contract is binding for a minimum of 12 months, during which the Sparksmith signage must be present on the vehicle during all shows/events. By completing the Sponsorship Application, the owner/driver automatically accepts all the terms and conditions of the Sponsorship Contract. The driver must provide Sparksmith with images of the vehicle with the appropriate signage in place and products installed. Images should also be submitted after all shows/events. As a sponsor, Sparksmith reserves the right to use any images of the vehicle and/or owner for marketing and advertising purposes. As a sponsored vehicle, the owner/driver will receive a predetermined discount off the retail price for all Sparksmith products, as well as promotional items to disperse at events, available upon request.

How to Apply for a Sponsorship

A Sponsorship Proposal should contain a brief history of the owner’s racing/show achievements, a calendar of scheduled appearances, mechanical specs and modifications of the vehicle and, five high-quality images of the vehicle. It is important to state clearly what type of sponsorship you are applying for and provide as many details as possible to ensure you can fulfill all relevant requirements. Please complete and sign the sponsorship application (https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/8d60a10c-3097-458c-b40b-9fd78b0baeb3) and email or mail the completed version to sparksmith.auto@gmail.com or to the address listed below.

Applications are accepted via U.S. Mail ONLY.

Mail your completed application to:

182 Richland Street Suite 8
Waynesville, NC 28768