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Build Materials

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Techflex Mesh Sleeving Techflex Mesh Sleeving

Sparksmith Custom Automotive Lighting

Techflex Mesh Sleeving


WHAT'S INCLUDED: SLEEVING: 1x Piece (Dia. Selected x 5m Length) WARRANTY: N/A TECH SPECS: WIDTH: 6mm or 8mm LENGTH: 5m / 16.4ft PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  HELLA OEM: Couple this abrasion-resistant TechFlex mesh sleeving with our cloth harness tape for the best...
Cloth Wire Harness Tape Cloth Wire Harness Tape

Sparksmith Custom Automotive Lighting

Cloth Wire Harness Tape


WHAT'S INCLUDED: HARNESS TAPE: 1x Roll (0.3mm x 19mm x 15m) WARRANTY: N/A TECH SPECS: THICKNESS: 0.3mm / 0.001in WIDTH: 19mm / 0.748in LENGTH: 15m / 49.21ft MAX. TEMP: 85C / 185F PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  HELLA OEM: Cloth wiring harness tape is used...
Silica Gel Moisture Packs Silica Gel Moisture Packs

Sparksmith Custom Automotive Lighting

Silica Gel Moisture Packs


WHAT'S INCLUDED: PACKS: 4x 10 Gram Silica Gel SATISFACTION: From Moisture-Free Headlights! PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  HELPFUL: Even a drop of moisture can fog up a headlight lens when mixed with heat. By adding some silica packs in the underbelly...
Bolt-On Breather Vent (12 mm) Bolt-On Breather Vent (12 mm)

Sparksmith Custom Automotive Lighting

Bolt-On Breather Vent (12 mm)


WHAT'S INCLUDED: PATCHES: 2x Bolt-on Moisture Breathers HARDWARE: Silicon o-ring + lock ring COMPATIBILITY: HOLE SIZE: 12mm Required RETROFITS: Great to reduce risk of moisture! PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  VERSATILE: Building a custom set of headlights, and worried about moisture problems? These...
Morimoto Motometer Morimoto Motometer

Sparksmith Custom Automotive Lighting

Morimoto Motometer


WHAT'S INCLUDED: METER: 1x Morimoto MotoMeter BATTERY: 1x 9V (Not Included) WARRANTY: 1 Year TECH SPECS: DISPLAY: 4 Digit LCD MEASURING RANGE: 0-400k Lux; 0Fc-40k Fc SPECTRAL RESPONSE: CIE Photopic OVER RANGE INDICATION: LCD Displays "-OL-" or "-LO-" ACCURACY: +/- 3% rdg +/-0.5%f.s....
Morimoto Permatrator Morimoto Permatrator

Sparksmith Custom Automotive Lighting

Morimoto Permatrator


WHAT'S INCLUDED: SOLVENT: 1 Container Morimoto Permatrator SYRINGE: 1x w/ Needle FRUSTRATION: Reduced / Eliminated COMPATIBILITY: HEADLIGHTS: Permasealed FOG LIGHTS: Permasealed BUTYL SEALED HOUSINGS: Not Recommended PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  PENETRATION: Is particularly important, especially when the project involves getting it in. Inside your...

Sparksmith Custom Automotive Lighting



WHAT'S INCLUDED BEADING WIRE: 1x Roll INSTALLATION: Clean AF!   COMPATIBILITY USES: Installing Halos Properly NOTICE: Requires drilling for clean installations!   TECH SPECS MATERIAL: Nylon-Coated Steel Wire COLOR: SIlver or Black THICKNESS: Tiny! LENGTH:...
LAMIN-X: UNIVERSAL SHEETS - Clear, Yellow, Gunsmoke LAMIN-X: UNIVERSAL SHEETS - Clear, Yellow, Gunsmoke


LAMIN-X: UNIVERSAL SHEETS - Clear, Yellow, Gunsmoke


WHAT'S INCLUDED LENS FILM: 1x Square Foot Per Qty Selected WARRANTY: Manufacturer-Direct 5 Year   COMPATIBILITY FOG LIGHTS: All HEADLIGHTS: All   TECH SPECS PROTECTION: From rocks, chips, and UV damage SELF-ADHESIVE: Includes clear adhesive...
HALO INSTALLATION KIT - Morimoto - Install Wire /  RetroRubber HALO INSTALLATION KIT - Morimoto - Install Wire /  RetroRubber


HALO INSTALLATION KIT - Morimoto - Install Wire / RetroRubber


WHAT'S INCLUDED INSTALL WIRE: 1x Roll Black Install Wire BUTYL GLUE: 1x Roll Black Morimoto RetroRubber GLANDS: 2x 11mm Black Cable Glands WIRING: 1x Fuse Pigtail w/ Ring Terminals WARRANTY: 2 Years COMPATIBILITY INSTALLS: Halos,...
3M Goretex Breather Patches 3M Goretex Breather Patches


3M Goretex Breather Patches


WHAT'S INCLUDED PATCHES: 4x 3M Goretex Breathers (1 Pair) APPLY TO: Upper half of housing (allows venting)   COMPATIBILITY OEM APPLICATIONS: Replace or supplement OEM patches RETROFITS: Great to reduce risk of moisture! PLASTICS: Stick...
Component Mount Velcro Squares Component Mount Velcro Squares


Component Mount Velcro Squares


WHAT'S INCLUDED VELCRO: 2x Male + 2x Female Patches WARRANTY: Really? It's Velcro.   COMPATIBILITY USES: HID Ballasts, LED Drivers, Controllers, etc. UNIVERSAL: Easily to cut to desired shape/size   TECH SPECS LENGTH: 80mm (3")...
OCI Butyl Glue Headlight Sealant OCI Butyl Glue Headlight Sealant


OCI Butyl Glue Headlight Sealant


WHAT'S INCLUDED BUTYL GLUE: 1x Roll OCI Black SATISFACTION: From a moisture-free headlight   COMPATIBILITY USES: Re-sealing headlights / tail lights NOTICE: Not a substitute for epoxy, screws, or clips!   TECH SPECS MATERIAL: Automotive...