Why You Should Have LED Headlights for Your Car

The National Safety Council states that Americans spend about one-fourth of their road time driving at night, yet about 50% of all car accidents occur at night. Many roads in the U.S. don't have streetlights to illuminate the roadways. Once you leave the city, the roads get dark at night, and visibility decreases. According to Kelley Blue Book, vehicles outfitted with highly rated headlights experience 19% fewer accidents per mile than vehicles with poorly rated headlights. LED headlights are among the highest-rated. Why are high-quality headlights so important? Let's take a look.

Improved Visibility

All headlights aren't created equal when it comes to improving visibility. However, visibility is one of the most important safety features headlights provide. The IHS started rating headlights in 2015. For headlights to qualify for the top safety awards from IHS, the low beams must illuminate 325 feet while not blinding oncoming drivers. With LED headlights, you get a more focused beam of light that's brighter. They're durable and longer lasting than other types of headlight bulbs.

Safer Driving Conditions

Headlights not only help the driver see what's coming at them but they also help other drivers on the road see the vehicle. Using LED bulbs can help other motorists to see your vehicle better. The bright white color of LED headlights is much more noticeable to other drivers, which reduces the likeliness of an accident. If you currently have halogen lights installed, you can have a professional change them to LED, as they're compatible with every model of vehicle.

Reduced Safety Risks

It's well-established that headlights play a key role in road safety. LED headlights may be just what you need to stay safer on the road at night. Upgrading your halogen headlights can help reduce the risk of collision and injury. Their brightness makes it easier for other drivers to see you and for you to see the road. Being able to better see the road also increases the driver's confidence.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

LED headlights last much longer, about 15 times longer than halogen lights, according to Insurance Navy. They're much more energy efficient, so you won't have to worry about replacing them or killing your battery.

LED headlights are easy to install for the professionals at Sparksmith Custom Automotive Lighting. Learn more about your options for improving your headlights today by contacting our shop. We look forward to assisting you!