XB LED Fog Lights in a Chevy Cruze

Customer came in with his 2012 Chevrolet Cruze. We previously installed a set of WinJet aftermarket headlights and an H1 5500K HID kit. His OEM fog lights didn't exactly match the look of the headlights.

Currently, there is no direct replacement Morimoto fog light for the Cruze. There is, however, a solution that works surprisingly well. 

We started by removing the OEM fog lights from the bumper. Once they were on the workbench, I could work my magic. A few seconds with a heat gun and the fog light lenses were off. I was glad to see that the fog lights were sealed with butyl, making that job much quicker.



Then, I grabbed a pair of the Morimoto Type GM LED fog lights and removed all of the hardware from the back. A test fit confirmed that the Type GM would fit perfectly inside the OE fog light housing.



I just needed to drill two holes in the back of the OE housing and run two 10-32 x 1" stainless bolts through the new mounting holes and into the back of the stock mounting points on the Type GM fog light. A quick conversion from the Type GM plug to an H11 male plug was all that was left. 



Alignment was a cinch. After the first test fit, I was able to finalize the rotation of the fog lights in the OE housings, so that they were perfectly level. The vertical alignment is still handled by the OE adjustment screws and side to side alignment is automatically taken care of by virtue of how well the Type GM fogs sit in the OE housing. 



And that's it. No extra wiring, no epoxies or glues. Super easy job with really great results.