HID vs. LED Projectors

Are you looking to invest in some new projectors for your vehicle? But you’re not sure if you should go with LED or HID projectors? We’re here to help.

Let’s look at HID Projectors first.

The benefits of  HID Projectors are as follows:

-HID projectors tend to give off more light and often shine said light further down the road than that displayed by an LED projector.

-HID projectors also tend to offer a wider array of projectors and bulbs.

- In the event of a defective bulb, HID projectors allow for easier maintenance due to the fact that single bulbs can be replaced in an HID bulb.

-Lastly, HID projectors have been around the block a few times and have proven technology whereas LED items are just beginning to establish their reputation.

The benefits of LED Projectors are as follows:

-Due to the fact that fewer components are necessary in an LED projector, installs tend to be easier with LED projectors. The main component that is lacking in an LED projector are the hard to assemble wiring harnesses.

- Lastly, because LED projectors draw less power, they tend to have a significantly longer design life than that of an HID projector.

While there are some obvious benefits to both, they are similar in many aspects.

For example, price for both HID and LED projectors are comparable and provide a similar product. Also, shrouds fit universally in both projectors. Lastly, both HID and LED projector installs are very similar processes for the experienced retrofitter. In any case, either will be a massive improvement over stock halogen lighting. And improving output improves your safety and comfort while driving, especially if you do a lot of night driving or long distance drives at night.