See and Be Seen... For all of the Right Reasons!

Often times, we have customers come to the shop and request elaborate builds which include RGB lights, demon eyes and much more. However, we are now seeing a rising trend of individuals requesting new HID and LED bulbs for safety purposes. We couldn't respect this request more and we have several suggestions to ensure that the customer's visibility is drastically increased. 

1. Remove Headlight Haze

Often times, we see vehicles where the headlight lens is the issue rather than the light itself. In this scenario, we typically recommend a "Headlight Restoration" and potentially upgraded lights if necessary. On rare occasions, it is more cost effective to purchase a stock housing from somewhere like Ebay and go from there. 

2.Replace Stock Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs are the standard for most modern car and truck lights. While cost effective for the manufacturer, the output is less than impressive. Here at Sparksmith, we typically suggest Morimoto 2Stroke 2.0 bulbs or Xenon Depot bulbs as "Plug-in-Play" options. In addition to these bulbs, we often install Morimoto or Hylux HID Kits which exponentially increase the overall light output. 

3. Retrofit 

There is a common misconception that retrofits consist of RGB lights, demon eyes and are only for "show vehicles". The majority of our retrofits are not like that, but rather simple switchback lights and projectors designed to improve overall visibility.

4. Add Additional Lighting

If your upgraded headlights still aren't cutting it, consider additional lighting. LED fog lights, light bars, and the new Sparksmith Universal Brake Light are perfect for helping you see and be seen at night and during adverse weather conditions. All of these products are always stocked at