Behold. The Universal Brake Light from Sparksmith!


I had an "Ah-Ha" Moment. Check It Out.
If you have ever been behind someone towing a trailer with no lights, a car with a trunk mounted bike rack that obscures the tail lights, or perhaps found your own trailer wiring non-functional right when you’re ready to hit the road, you can appreciate the latest lighting product from Sparksmith.
Here at Sparksmith, we believe in safe, effective and quality lighting products. While following a car with a bike rack, we noticed a gap in the current lighting market. I noticed the need for a quick, easy tail light solution with a universal mounting design. Thus was born the Universal Brake Light.


Tell Me More About the Universal Brake Light.
The Universal Brake Light features over 200 high powered LEDs encased in a rigid, extruded aluminum housing. The Universal Brake Light has a low power parking light function, a high power brake light function and a high power sequential turn signal function. For the sequential turn signal feature, the LEDs illuminate at full power, in sequence, from the center to the end.


The housing is approximately 1" x 1" square and 36" long. The back of the bar has two sliding inserts with locking screws and a slot for the included cam-lock mounting straps to pass through. The inserts can be positioned anywhere along the bar. Additionally, high powered magnets can be installed on the sliding inserts for a quick magnetic mounting solution. (Magnets will be sold separately.) 

With the rise of distracted driving, you now have the opportunity to protect yourself, your investments, and your family better than ever. The mounting options and lightweight design make the Universal Brake Light an appealing product for anyone looking to quickly add a high level of safety to their vehicle.

Let There Be Light.
The input for the bar is a universal four pin trailer wiring connection with a four foot long lead. This allows the Universal Brake Light to be used with any length of trailer and many other applications. Potential applications include, but are not limited to, trunk mounted bicycle racks, vehicles being towed (by RV, recovery vehicle, etc.), boat and utility trailers.