RGB Extension Cord

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Extension Length: RGB 4P (10ft)
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What's Included: 

  • EXTENSION: 1x JST or RGB Style
  • WARRANTY: 2 Years


  • RGB: Any LED accessories w/ RGB 4P style

Tech Specs: 

  • CONNECTOR TYPE: Standard 4-Pin RGB

Product Description: 

RGB STYLE: Old school "RGB" style 4-pin connectors are very commonplace for generic or older style RGB parts. These 4-pin connectors don't have any actual "latch" or connector to them, and just basically use four naked pins instead.

JST STYLE: The new standard for RGB components, JST connections utilize a black plastic connectors with pins inserted inside. These connectors are much more stable than the "RGB" style above, and are our go-to for LED accessory installs!



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