Top 5 inexpensive things to do to your Cat Eye Truck

Top 5 inexpensive things to do to your Cat Eye Truck

Silverado grille bars

We will review the best low-cost modifications you can make to your cat eye Silverado. We all know the factory bow tie badges start delaminating and falling apart. It is a 5-minute fix to pop the old one off and add a new one. You can pick up a replacement for cheap on eBay; plastic or aluminum.

Another quick and easy modification to your truck that will make a very different look with your vehicle is window tint. Prices vary on the installer, but the one I have on my vehicle was about $100 for the strip on the front windshield and the two front doors to match the factory window tint on the back window. 

Additionally, the torsion bar keys are located just under the driver's door; changing the torsion keys would shift the truck's height. You can level the car out using factory keys. You will want to get a front-end alignment done; You can take the factory keys and max them out. 

Lastly, you can change the cold air intake to improve the performance and modify your ride. Whether diesel or gas, there are many air intakes out there to choose from. 

To sum everything up, the best and most expensive ways to modify your ride are:

  • Changing out the bow tie badges
  • Window tint
  • Level out with our torsion bar keys
  • Improve your ride with the cold air intake