Spot the Difference: 4114 vs. 3157 bulbs

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Today, we want to share with you some the differences between the 4114 and 3157 bulbs. These two types of bulbs exhibit notable differences and each have an important role in specific functions.

3157 bulbs are typically reserved for exterior lighting, such as turn signals, brake lights, reverse lights, etc.. In contrast, 4114 bulbs are much less common, but have very specific uses. Here's a breakdown of the basic specs of these two products:

4114 Incandescent 3157 Incandescent
Amperage 2.44 / 0.59 Amps 2.1 / 0.59 Amps
Base Type W2.5x16Q W2.5x16Q
Color 2800K 2800K
Lumens 402 / 38 402 / 38
Rated Life 4000 / 10000hr 2000 / 10000hr
Wattage 31.2 / 8.3 W 26.9 / 8.3 W


As you can see, the two are very comparable. They produce roughly the same amount of light, but the 4114 draws more power while doing so. The important takeaway here is the rated life of the high powered filament: 4000 hours for the 4114 vs. 2000 hours for the 3157. This makes the 4114 more suitable for specific situations where the bulb will see longer run times. For example, in the daytime running light position on the 99-07 Chevrolet Silverado (and pretty much all other GM trucks of that time period). The 3157 is better suited for functions where the high powered filament is only used momentarily (think brake lights, turn signals, that sort of thing). 

Another significant difference lies in the colors offered. 4114 bulbs are available almost exclusively in plain incandescent white. 3157 bulbs, however, are much more common and are offered in standard white, amber, and even with a blue coated lens to create a more pure white (as close as can be using an incandescent filament anyway. 

To summarize, 4114 bulbs have a longer rate life compared to 3157 bulbs, but fewer options for color and output. Neither, however, come close to the brightness and rated life of our Sparskmith brand 3157 bulbs.

At Sparksmith, we offer LED versions of the 3157s that boast substantially greater lifespan to that of standard 4114 and 3157 incandescent bulbs. Our bulbs are rated for over 30,000 hours of run time (at full power!), feature genuine Philips 3030 SMD LED chips, plug & play design compatible with 3156, 3157, 4114, and other bulbs with a W2.5x16Q base. And they boast as much as 10 times more light output with less heat generation than any incandescent bulb on the market. 

Check out our Signature 3157 bulbs, as well as the Standard 3157 bulbs.

We have tested these products and found little difference in functionality and quality to that of 4114 bulbs, and have found the Signature 3157s to work exceptionally as both interior and exterior lights. 

While research on the difference between 4114 and 3157 bulbs can lead to polarizing results, Sparksmith offers two versions of 3157 LED bulbs that challenge the status quo. Either model gets the job done to help you See and Be Seen.

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