See and Be Seen: Sparksmith's 10th Birthday Celebration and a Decade of Illuminating Innovation in Automotive Lighting

Celebrating a Decade of See and Be Seen: Sparksmith's 10th Birthday Extravaganza!

It's a momentous occasion at Sparksmith as we proudly celebrate a decade of pushing the boundaries in the world of automotive lighting. Over the past 10 years, we've illuminated roads, transformed vehicles, and set new standards for LED innovation. Join us in a trip down memory lane as we highlight some of our most iconic projects that have shaped Sparksmith into the powerhouse it is today.

Sparksmith Products: Lighting Up the Road Ahead

Our journey began with a commitment to quality and innovation in automotive lighting. Today, Sparksmith boasts a complete line of automotive lighting products, from grill bars to hood strips, LED forward lighting upgrades, and more. Our products fit seamlessly into Chevy, Ford, Dodge, and various other makes and models, catering to the diverse preferences of our valued customers.

Featured Products - A Glimpse into the Sparksmith Universe

1. 2.0 GrilleBar Upgrade - Elevate Your Experience!
Existing customers, rejoice! Upgrade to the 2.0 bars for an enhanced lighting experience. 

2. Animated Startup, Sequential Switchback Cab Lights - An Extravaganza of Light**
Bring your vehicle to life with our animated cab lights.

3. Fourth Gen GMT400 GMC & Chevy Truck DRL Grille Bars - Classic Elegance
Upgrade your GMC or Chevy truck with DRL Grille Bars.

4. Universal GrilleBar - Animated Startup and Sequential Switchback Functions
For a dynamic lighting experience, choose our Universal GrilleBar.

Innovative Solutions for Every Enthusiast

At Sparksmith, we pride ourselves on providing solutions for all enthusiasts. Whether you drive a Chevy Silverado, a Dodge Ram, or a Ford F150, our extensive range of products caters to your unique needs.

Diverse Offerings Beyond Grille Bars

Our commitment to innovation goes beyond grille bars. From animated hood lights and switchback LED wheel rings to LED license plate lights and branded grille badges, we've illuminated every aspect of the automotive world.

Setting Trends, Defining Standards

The Trouble Maker Kit, GrilleBar installation kits, and RGB strips have become synonymous with Sparksmith's commitment to setting trends and defining industry standards. We've made it easier than ever to add a touch of brilliance to even the most troublesome makes and models.

A Commitment to Quality and Service

Located in Western North Carolina, Sparksmith has been a beacon of reliable service and cutting-edge LED automotive lighting products. Our commitment to excellence is reflected not only in our products but also in our customer service.

Join Us in the Celebration!

As we raise a toast to a decade of innovation, we invite you to explore our diverse range of products, each a testament to Sparksmith's dedication to pushing the boundaries of automotive lighting.

Contact Information:
- Address: 60 Communications Drive, Waynesville, NC, 28786
- Phone: 828-508-0917
- Email:
- Hours: Mon-Fri (9-5)

Here's to another decade of brilliance, innovation, and transforming the way we see the road! Thank you for being part of the Sparksmith journey.

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