Decisions, Decisions: RGB vs. Switchback

The options are limitless, but how do we choose? In automotive lighting customization, the choice between  RGB or Switchback lighting is often the most laborious decision of the build's entirety. 

Halos, demon eyes, strips and interior lights are all available in Switchback and RGB options but which is best for me? 

Stay tuned as we break down the pros and cons of both. 

Let's start with benefits of each:

Switchbacks have superior visibility, even during the day, due to their OEM+ appearance. Also, switchback products are much easier to install and, in ways, easier to operate than RGB products.


However, RGB products provide limitless color options and the majority of RGB components offer a true white and/or Switchback capability. The addition of a Bluetooth controller expands the functionality and overall performance of RGB products making them that much more appealing.



While the pros of both products drastically exceed any of the cons, it is worth noting some of the draw backs. 

The main issue that we have with switchbacks is their limited functionality in comparison to that of RGBs. Also, as to be expected, switchbacks only offer the color options of amber and white.

In RGBs, you get what you pay for which often puts them at a higher price point than single color or switchback  bulbs. However, while that may deter some, the biggest issue with RGB lighting is that it is not technically street legal. 

Ultimately, both RGB and Switchback products are great options that will make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your build. If you are still on the fence about which option is  best for you, feel free to contact us or visit to compare our various products